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We have 340 events for this very special 10th anniversary edition of BSW! You are on the website looking at it and wondering, "I wonder what a veteran of the conference would tell me..."

Well here we are. I'm Andrew. I founded Startup Week as a way for our entrepreneurial community to organize amongst ourselves to create a truly "attendee first" conference experience. This entire event is run by volunteers and organized under Glider, a nonprofit that powers events like this, Ignite Boulder, WILD, and TEDxBoulder. So the first thing to understand is that this conference is different: everyone wants to be here to share and learn. I talked a lot about this on the last Boulder Tech Podcast

The next big concept to understand is that everyone is qualified to be a speaker. Well, perhaps not everyone, but in a past survey we found that 80% of a few sessions thought they should present next year. This is really cool. If you go to an event, the attendees are going to be just as qualified and enthusiastic as the presenters. Can you design a better room to network in? Can you design a better learning experience? So my challenge: Go to events that you could be on the panel. Support your friends. Make new ones. Be an enthusiastic attendee.

You can look at your friends on Sched, and see what their schedule looks like. Here is mine. Once you get your Sched done, you can export it to your iCal or calendar program of choice

Respect is the next thing. We respect the attendees by having this nifty RSVP system. It works for the most part and you don't spend your time going to an event where the room is so packed you can't even get into the parking lot. If you don't have a ticket to an event feel free to still show up, but respect the others by not overcrowding a room if it is full. Find others just like you and start your own mini session on the topic at a nearby cafe. Respect our venues. Respect our volunteers.

My goal this year (let's see if I can keep to it) is to not have somewhere to go right after a session ends. I think some of the best parts of this community are the amazing people we have around here. If I'm always running from thing to thing I'm going to miss meeting a lot of you! So after a session I'm going to try to find some people I have not met and invite them to a meal or to grab a coffee. Let's make these sessions welcoming and friendly, before, during, and after.

My final tip is to spend some time over on the right bar of this website (under "Filter By Type") and look for events that you wouldn't usually be interested in. There is the 'most popular' event tab and seemingly hundreds of tracks. Every track should have some sort of intro session for you to learn. Put them on your schedule and attend something fun... like a geek Pinewood Derby!

If you see a volunteer say THANK YOU! This is a free event with a TON of food, drinks, shirts, and venues that are paid for by our amazing sponsors. If you see a sponsor SAY THANK YOU.

The final thing is we have a code of conduct. If you see anything that shouldn't be happening, LET US KNOW. We like keeping this community inviting and inclusive. A big part of making that happen is making sure we care about the experience of our attendees (good and bad). Let's not put up with any bad behavior.

Finally, and this is super selfish of me, is make sure to introduce yourself when you see someone and they don't great you by name. "Hey Susan! Great to see you. I'm Andrew, we met last year at Ignite Boulder!" Or wear a nametag. Or be so memorable that everyone knows your name.

Be amazing to one another and enjoy our 10th year.

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Andrew Hyde

Chairman, Glider
Chairman of the Board, Glider.com. I started Boulder Startup Week (well, all Startup Week events), Startup Weekend, Ignite Boulder, TEDxBoulder, and Glider.com.

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