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Lisa Leslie Henderson

Transformation Design Studio
Greater Denver Area
Lisa is unabashedly committed to enabling individuals and teams employ design—the same processes and techniques used to create remarkable, products, services, and experiences—to do their best work and live their most extraordinary lives. In addition to coaching, facilitating workshops, and consulting, Lisa teaches—and founded—the design leadership core of the Strategic Communication Design Masters Program @ CU- Boulder.

Lisa’s creative juices flowed early: chocolate pudding drawings on the dinner table and patterns made with Kalamata olives on her fingertips gave way to tree forts constructed with everything including the kitchen sink, which morphed into new product development for global financial services companies, multi-channel content creation for organizations, and running a social impact driven innovation lab. Diffusion of Innovation was Lisa’s favorite book in college and her curiosity about the impact of innovation remains alive and well: in the past few years she has written two books on the impact of digital technology on marketing and on organizations’ relationship with their stakeholders.

An Early Bird according to Foursight’s creativity assessment, Lisa is also a “7” on the Enneagram, an ENFJ, and a Virgo. Lately she’s been talking about Robert Glasper’s combing of hip-hop with traditional jazz (she just discovered him), manageable hikes in the Rockies, and the leader’s new role: fostering creative space in which transformation can occur.