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Michelle Auerbach
Michelle is a geek who sees everything thought the lens of story and neuroscience. She brings emotional intelligence, communication and creativity together with interpersonal neurobiology and mindfulness to find her clients' superpowers. Michelle is a former professor of Ancient World Literature who brings the 6,000-year perspective on the possibilities that exist in our work life to show up as creative, engaged, strategic, and connected. She was trained in the 1990’s by the New York City Department of Health, Kaiser Permanente, and through Columbia University School of Public Health on facilitation, group process, and coaching. Michelle uses storytelling and empathy as a way to connect Design Thinking and the creative process to team building and leadership development and works with Google on their work-based mindfulness program. Her clients include huge companies like Johnson& Johnson, McDonalds, and Mars, Incorporated, smaller companies who think big, and non-profits all over the world. Her books can be found on Amazon and her journalism in the New York Times and London Guardian.